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I LOVE this cosmetic brand. It’s so often we see generic (boring!) make up brands that tell no story; selling no unique idea of beauty. It seems these generic brands don’t even try to avoid the façade that they are just trying to make a quick buck out of us.

Eye of HorusEye of Horus, on the other hand, not only sells beautiful cosmetics but also promotes the ethos of ancient natural beauty – basing the whole brand on the beliefs, formulas and ingredients of the ancient Egyptians.

Take it from me; by the time you have finished applying your Eye of Horus eyeliner you might be confused as to whether it is you or Cleopatra looking back at you from the mirror.

Now, anyone that knows me well knows that I love eyeliner. As I’ve mentioned before, its funny how one thin line above my eye can make a world of difference about how I look, and ultimately how I feel about myself. So when I got my mitts on the Eye of Horus Liquid Define eyeliner I knew I had finally found the perfect one for me.

In no way am I exaggerating by saying this; it really is the best eyeliner I have ever tried. The liner in this eyeliner is thicker than most eye liners I have used, but it works as the jet-black liner creates the perfect line and definition around the eye. Almost like a texta, this eyeliner is perfect for those that feel slightly anxious about creating that perfect liquid eyeliner eye; in fact I will show you how easy it is when I publish a quick tutorial video in the coming weeks.

Eye of HorusAll of the Eye of Horus make up products include as many natural products as possible.

Based in the beautiful area of Byron Bay; the four gals that have designed these make up products are really into building an ethically sustainable brand. One of the ingredients they use includes the revered Moringa Oil, which was claimed by the Egyptian gods for its beautifying and regenerating powers. Eye of Horus also use beeswax, Ricebran Wax, Canauba, Candella and Jojoba wax as well as Almond and Sesame oils; all of which were said to be used in the Ancient Egyptian beauty rituals.

More on this magic Moringa Oil – it is included in the Eye of Horus mascara. Now, as I already mentioned, I adore the eyeliner, but I also want to rave about the mascara. Obviously I love good quality eye makeup!

Eye of HorusI have eyelash extensions, and I have them refilled every two weeks. As my beauty therapist likes to kindly remind me, I am in no way supposed to wear mascara on my eyelash extensions as it damages the glue. But as my eyelash extensions start to gradually fall out after the two weeks; I always like to fill them out with a little bit of mascara (much to my therapists disgust). Now this is the amazing part – after using the Eye of Horus Mascara, I found it magically actually helps my eyelash extensions stay in! Doing a little bit of research, I wonder if it is the Moringa Oil that works that magic. I really love these products.

Also, just so you know: none of these products are tested on animals; they are paraben free, and they’re Australian owned. These are three really important factors you should consider when buying any make-up.

If you are as convinced as I am head over to eyeofhorus.com.au to find out more or buy some products, and make sure you stay tuned for that make up tutorial I mentioned earlier, which will be out in the next couple of weeks.

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